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Area volunteers help with relief efforts in Florida – KAIT

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – The sounds of high winds and crashing water engulfed areas in Florida.

Hurricane Ian left many in Florida without anything.

It is usually said that after a storm comes the sun, but for Floridians, it was volunteers who arrived in droves.

David Clayton is an American Red Cross volunteer for southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas.

“My team of seven people, we are waiting to move right now as soon as they call me,” said Clayton.

The team arrived Sunday and they will head to Orlando Friday.

We had to talk on the phone because Clayton’s internet service was spotty.

“We are expecting to go in with heavy debris, of course, devastation,” he said. “We are expecting to see high waters, we are expected to see homes destroyed.”

Clayton said they have been working on loading trucks and logistics, but their work is nowhere near done.

“Our main goal once we get there is to set shelters up. We will set up cots or we will take bedding material,” said Clayton. “We will set up personal hygiene, we will have food with us and any other things we can do to help comfort them and their time of need.”

Clayton has volunteered with the Red Cross since 2005. He began helping the organization after volunteers helped him while hurricanes tore through Hawaii.

Although he has helped with relief efforts for several years, he said it takes time to prepare for the task each time.

“Knowing that you are going into areas where people probably have lost everything, so you have to go into a state of mind where you have to be willing and humble to people that have lost everything,” he said.

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